The Late Late Show

Input text: The screen of a 40% shiny tv is tv. Camera light is black. The sun is purple. A large light is -0.8 feet in front of and -2.5 foot right of and -2 feet above the tv. A blue light is above the light. A dim light is right of and above the light. The ground is 3 feet wide image-10669 . The ground is 50% dark. A large hedgehog is 2 feet in front of the tv. It is facing the tv. A small flat black tree is 10 feet right of and 1 foot behind the tv. It is facing southwest. A black tree is 8 feet behind and right of the tree. 4 dim sea green lights are behind and above the tv. A tiny black house is behind the tree. A very huge beetle is 6 inch left of and -1 foot behind the hedgehog. It is facing the tv. A very long small black fence is 10 feet behind and -7 feet left of the tv
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Effects: Contrast, Color-emboss
nheiges  (10/20/2019) 
watcher570  (10/21/2019) 
KAWE  (10/21/2019) 
Nanook  (10/22/2019) 
I've been obsessed with the halloween baking contests that come on at the wee hours of the morning. Ii's really messed up my day schedule :-DDD
hedgehog1965  (10/22/2019) 
We're addicted to the Great British Bake Off right now :-)
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