The Psychopath
We watched Silence of the Lambs last night. . .

Input text: a person is -10 feet in front of and -25 feet left of a navy building. 2 ghost white lights are 5 feet right of and -1 foot above and in front of the person. camera light is black. ambient light is black.
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Effects: Brightness, Brightness, Saturation
Attributions (3D models): person building
watcher570  (10/28/2019) 
nice closeup
Nanook  (10/28/2019) 
so many new toys YAY! great image!
coyne  (10/28/2019) 
scary closeup! :-)
zamchick  (10/28/2019) 

nheiges  (10/28/2019) 
thanks all!
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