Mountain Stand Off

Input text: a car. a road backdrop. a 5 feet tall moose is 6 feet in front of and 1 feet right of the car. it faces northwest. a 4.5 feet tall man is -7 feet in front of and -3.8 feet above and -3.5 feet right of the car. he leans 47 degrees to the left. shadow plane
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Effects: Brightness, Color-emboss, Color-emboss, Sharpen, Contrast
Attributions (3D models): car
Attributions: Getty Images
watcher570  (10/30/2019) 
love the guy hanging out the window :-)
nheiges  (10/30/2019) 
Great scene! Who has the right of way in this situation? :-)
nheiges  (10/30/2019) 
P.S. I'm hoping Bailey will appear in a scene :-)
Nanook  (10/30/2019) 
From the looks of that car I think the moose wins :-DDD
Nanook  (10/30/2019) 
as soon as I have time to download a couple of pics from the dozens I have already taken I hope she can make an appearance too. I just took her to get fixed today and they discovered after shaving her belly that she was already fixed.
nheiges  (10/30/2019) 
Well, that was good news for both of you!
KaleiIsTooTech  (10/31/2019) 
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