"Are you here for the stag weekend?"

Input text: A shiny stag beetle. Dark gold backdrop. City sky. The azimuth of the sun is 320 degrees. A 2 inch high 70% dark man is 1 inch in front of and 0.7 inch right of and -6.5 inch above the insect. He is facing the insect. He is leaning left. Camera light is black. 2 lights are above and left of the insect. The sun is beige. Ambient light is black.
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KAWE  (11/2/2019) 
watcher570  (11/2/2019) 
nheiges  (11/2/2019) 
nice perspective!
Nanook  (11/2/2019) 
hedgehog1965  (11/2/2019) 
nheiges  (11/3/2019) 
I'm here for the hen do!

KaleiIsTooTech  (11/4/2019) 
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