Are you sure you can fly this airplane!

Input text: a shiny airplane.a 0.8 feet tall hamster is -22 inches above the airplane.the hamster is -5.8 feet in front of the is -36 inches left of the airplane.the hamster is leaning 20 degrees to the north.a 1.4 feet tall squirrel is 9 inches right of the is facing the hamster.
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Effects: Sharpen, Contrast
Attributions (3D models): airplane
KAWE  (10 days ago) 
very funny :-)
nheiges  (10 days ago) 
that made me smile :-)
KaleiIsTooTech  (10 days ago) 
awww! How adorable! :-)
coyne  (10 days ago) 
excellent! :-)
hedgehog1965  (10 days ago) 
Shirley you can't be serious?
daniel  (10 days ago) 
Fly yes... land no.
Nanook  (9 days ago) 
"Please remain seated and turn off all electronic devices during take-off".
zamchick  (5 days ago) 
fantastic control panel on that model :-)
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