The Magician and Thing

Input text: a white room. a 20 foot tall and 20 foot wide white wall is -1 foot above and -1 foot right of the room. it faces left. it leans to the back. a 20 foot tall beige hand is -5 feet above the room. a 50 foot tall head is 30 feet behind and -40 feet left of the room. cyan backdrop. shadow plane is invisible. sun is sienna.
Tags:  #addamsfamily 
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Effects: Contrast, Contrast, Brightness, Invert, Solarize, Saturation, Brightness
Attributions (3D models): head
Attributions: room by jarble
watcher570  (11/8/2019) 
Nanook  (11/8/2019) 
I like how the colors are so vibrant and everything seems to be outlined.
KAWE  (11/8/2019) 
hedgehog1965  (11/8/2019) 
Looks like he's struggling to work out how the 'trick' is done :-)
nheiges  (11/9/2019) 
Thanks all!
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