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Deux Chevaux dans le parc

Input text: 
a 100 inch tall carriage.the carriage is facing southwest.a 1st 70 inch tall delft blue horse is -40 inch in front of the carriage.the 1st horse is facing southwest.the 1st horse is -55 inch left of the carriage.a 2nd 70 inch tall delft blue horse is -40 inch right of the 1st horse.the 2nd horse is facing southwest.a 40 inch tall yellow duck is -60 inch above the carriage.the duck is facing southwest.
Canvas texture, Contrast, Contrast, Sharpen, Contrast, Saturation, Solarize
3D models:
nheiges (11/10/2019) 
the original model :-)
hedgehog1965 (11/11/2019) 
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