The Secret Garage

Input text: a shiny wildness vehicle. a 1st brick wall is 1 foot in front of and .2 foot right of it. camera light is dim wildness. a 2nd concrete wall is behind the vehicle. a 3rd concrete wall is .5 foot left of the vehicle. it faces left. it is noon. a wildness light is 5 feet above and right of the vehicle. a 2.2 foot tall man is 1 foot in front of the vehicle. he faces it.
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Effects: Brightness, Saturation, Sharpen
watcher570  (11/9/2019) 
He likes to keep his dragster a secret :-)
KAWE  (11/9/2019) 
Nanook  (11/10/2019) 
hidden treasures
coyne  (11/10/2019) 
nice! :-)
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