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Tree Life
(Tried to render in HD but kept coming out as an empty scene)

Input text: 
A bush baby is 8 feet in a dark gold plant. The eye of the bush baby is shiny maroon. Camera light is black. A light is right of the bush baby. A cyan light is in front of the bush baby. The sky is black. City backdrop. A 50% shiny butterfly is behind and above the bush baby. A pink light is above and left of the bush baby.
197 (Created on: IOS)
Effects: Saturation, Brightness
Attributions: Getty Images
coyne  (11/19/2019) 
Yeah, there's something (probably one of the objects) causing that scene to have problems rendering. It's very slow, and it gives a warning ("Your render has timed out. Please simplify your scene.") even when doing it in preview mode. So whatever the problem is will certainly be worse/slower in HD. btw, I checked and was happy to see that it didn't take any tokens away for your failed HD render attempts :-)

[Later]: the problem seems to be that particular plant model (tamarind tree) being made reflective ("gold"). This causes some sort of error in the raytracer. If you make it "dark yellow" or some other (non-reflective)color, the problem doesn't occur. Likewise, the other trees of that sort I tried don't seem to have a problem being made shiny.
coyne  (11/19/2019) 
cool scene despite the problem! :-)
nheiges  (11/19/2019) 
wonderful scene! too bad it couldn't render in HD.
hedgehog1965  (11/20/2019) 
Thanks! I'll remember to stay away from golden tamarind trees in future...
watcher570  (11/20/2019) 
great scene!
KAWE  (11/20/2019) 
Nanook  (11/20/2019) 
Absolutely wonderful, the imaginings that come from this scene are endless.
hedgehog1965  (11/20/2019) 
Thanks :-)