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Input text: a 1st 10 foot tall shiny purple flower. a cornflower blue light is -1 foot above and -.3 foot in front of the flower. sun is violet. it is noon. a 1st 1 foot tall shiny eye is -2.3 foot above and -1.55 feet in front of the flower. a 2nd 15 foot tall shiny crimson flower is behind and -1 foot left of the flower. it faces southeast. a 2nd shiny 2 foot tall eye is -6.5 feet above and -7.5 feet south of and -9 feet east of the 2nd flower. it faces southeast. backdrop is garden. camera light is peach puff.
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Effects: Contrast
KAWE  (11/21/2019) 
oh these eyes
watcher570  (11/21/2019) 
aye aye!
Nanook  (11/21/2019) 
eye see you and raise you a poppy!
nheiges  (11/21/2019) 
¬°Ay ay ay!
KaleiIsTooTech  (11/22/2019) 
Mom come pick me up I'm scared.
nheiges  (11/22/2019) 
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