Life and Death 1
It's easier to cover your eyes.

Input text: a 5 foot tall tan life is left of a 15 foot tall dull blue gray death. it faces right. the death faces left. the life is on the ground. the death is 10 feet in the ground. a big flat clear wall is right of the life. it faces right. a tiny dim linen light is -.2 feet left of and -4 feet above the death. a tiny seashell light is -.2 feet right of and -2 feet above the life.
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Effects: Cracked paint, Contrast, Solarize, Brightness, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Brightness, Saturation, Saturation, Saturation
Attributions: joe, death by coyne
watcher570  (11/22/2019) 
Nanook  (11/22/2019) 
I had to open this one up to see the construction of it. very impressive!
nheiges  (11/22/2019) 
a clear wall has so much to offer :-) thank you both!
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