I almost feel as if we're a part of the scene.

Input text: a dull copper frieze leans 1.5 degrees to the right. it is .3 feet in the ground. sun's azimuth is 180 degrees. backdrop is copper wall. a marble is 10 feet behind and left of the frieze. a 6 foot tall copper person is 1 feet in front of and -4 feet right of and -3 feet beneath the frieze. she faces the marble. a 6.5 foot tall copper person is -1 foot in front of and -1 foot right of the person. he faces the marble. his human head is copper. his hair is copper. camera light is sienna. his hand is copper. shadow plane is invisible.
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Effects: Contrast, Sharpen
Attributions (3D models): frieze
Attributions: Getty Images
coyne  (11/27/2019) 
Wow, that's great!
watcher570  (11/27/2019) 
I get that feeling :-)
Nanook  (11/27/2019) 
color me copper :-)
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