sunset wine
marie typed a picture: the wine glass is one foot tall. the wine glass is water. the 1 foot tall raspberry rose flower is in the wine glass. the sky is red. the ground is sand. the [sunset] wall is 1.5 feet behind the wine glass. the [sunset] wall is 5.2 feet wide. the illuminator is 2 feet in front of the wine glass. (This scene uses Getty Images )
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technicat  (2014) 
This is beautiful!
marie  (2014) 
thanks phil! :D
coyne  (2014) 
i wish i could vote for this twice! (well actually i can but that would be cheating :-) )
zamchick  (2014) 
you can use the word "light" instead of "illuminator."
marie  (2014) 
haha bob :) good to know gary, thanks!
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