Morning Walk in the Park
choffmannyc typed a picture: The lake is 60 feet long. The lake has a bird texture. The sky is gray. The sky has a Mondrian texture. The ground is tan. The ground has a sand texture. A woman is on the lake. The woman is 18 feet tall. A white cat is behind the lake. The cat is 8 feet tall. The cat is to the right of the woman. The cat is 1 feet away from the woman. A brown dog is behind the lake. The dog is 14 feet tall. The dog is 16 feet away from the woman. The dog has a texture.
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zamchick  (2014) 
Nice scene Christine! Love the push-pinny cat. Glad someone took Mondrian out of the archives!
choffmannyc  (2014) 
Mondrian = sunrise
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