As It Happens

Input text: The television has a Seurat texture. It is cloudy. The ground has a grass texture. A Holbein cow is 3 feet in back of the television. The television is facing the cow. The television is on a [texture] nightstand. The cow is on the ground. The nightstand is facing the cow. There is a pink light from the east. The tiny silver airplane is three feet above the cow. The tiny white airplane is two feet above the television. The white airplane is one foot in front of the silver airplane. The white airplane is facing the silver airplane. There is a black light under the white airplane.
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zamchick  (2014) 
You and Bob would get along. Reminds me of his kind of idea :-)
coyne  (2014) 
you're right…that's great! (and a case where the title sets the context for the overall meaning/interpretation in a surprising way).
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