YungFuccboi typed a picture: The sky is pink. The shiny silver wall. The wall is leaning 33 degrees towards the sky. The light is behind the wall. The ground is transparent. The camera light is brown. The enormous bright white head is behind the wall. The light is behind the head. The head is facing the wall. The head is 6 feet above the ground. The head is 10 feet in front of the wall. The camera light is water. The enormous shiny silver wall is 12 feet behind the wall.
 Tags:  ##HD 
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 Effects: Brightness, Solarize
coyne  (2015) 
nice composition....that is really striking!
MetalxXxGear  (2015) 
Love it
starguard  (2015) 
I could taste the vapor on this one.
starguard  (2015) 
t͉ḧ́e̚ ̋͌f̗e̾a͞r͉
į ąm̨ m̨ęl̨t̨įn̨g̨

i୅୅୅͌୅୅୅n୅୅୅͌୅୅୅s୅୅୅͌୅୅୅p୅୅୅͌୅୅୅i୅୅୅͌୅୅୅r୅୅୅͌୅୅୅e୅୅୅͌୅୅୅d୅୅୅͌୅୅୅ b୅୅୅͌୅୅୅y୅୅୅୅୅͌୅୅୅ Y୅୅୅͌୅୅୅u୅୅୅͌୅୅୅n୅୅୅͌୅୅୅g୅୅୅͌୅୅୅F୅୅୅͌୅୅୅u୅୅୅͌୅୅୅c୅୅୅͌୅୅୅B୅୅୅͌୅୅୅o୅୅୅͌୅୅୅i୅୅୅͌୅୅୅
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