Just playing with my dolphin.

Input text: It is morning. The ground is shiny water. The tiny light gray dolphin is in front of the very giant white hand. The hand is -2 inch above the ground. The dolphin is facing right. The dolphin is 18 inch above the ground. The dolphin is -14 inch away from the hand. The dolphin is leaning 20 degrees to the left. The dolphin is -15 inch to the right. The enormous white head is -1 feet behind the hand. The head is -7 feet above the ground. The head is facing the dolphin. The head leans backwards. The head is 3 feet to the right.
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zamchick  (2015) 
really funny
mcmahan  (2015) 
whales of jupiter  (2015) 
starguard  (2015) 
▖▘▗▀▞▍▀▇▙▕▅▛▟▘▔▉▕▀▓▆▓▚▌▚▃▌▁▓▓▓▅▍▙▎▞▙▍▉▃▄▏▆▇▄▎▍▃░▎▔▉▟▍▌▉▔▃▂▝▙▐▃▅▉▚▖▏▛▘█▛▃▞▅▙ ▃▛░▁▇▝▞▍▞▃█▘▍▟▀▚▗▍▖▒▄▙▜▍▔░▍▙▊░▚▀░▎▁▟▙▅░▇▟░▊▙▝▉▊▏▖▞▓▂▘▚▍▃▗▐▛▄▕▇▆▇▎▎▞▆▏▅▏▕▜▝▙▌█▛▟▒ ▍▚▐▐▜▔▛▂▅▖▒▗▀▃▉▐▃▘▕▒▘▐▕▀▏▙▗█▚▐▃▓▞█░█▜▃▞▛▋▟▂▎▖▛▆▋ ▇▟▊▔▋▎▎▆▝▀▋▇▜▎▇▙▌▉█▏▀▟▎▒▖▊▋▞▍▜▕▋▇▀▍▁▛▖▖▊▇▞▇▚▙▃▐▍▐▝▒▝▖▏▌▌▝▔▞▌▉▏▘▀▉▇▎
Jijijams  (2016) 
So so funny
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