Input text: The camera light is black. The ambient light is night blue. The sun is fjord blue. The translucent white city block is 35 feet in the [fog] ground. It faces west. It is 900 feet long. It is 200 feet tall. The ground is 200 feet tall. The black bed is -85 feet above the city block. It is -355 feet north of the city block. Its headboard is dark gray. Its bedsheet is gray. Its comforter is [beach]. It faces north. It leans forward. The small white dolphin is -1 feet above the bed. It faces east. It leans forward. The dodger blue light is 5 feet above the dolphin. It is 15 feet north of the dolphin. The gray willow is 15 feet above the ground. It is 250 feet south of the bed. It is 50 feet tall. It faces west.
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josephj  (2015) 
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