t͉ḧ́e̚ ̋͌f̗e̾a͞r͉
į ąm̨ m̨ęl̨t̨įn̨g̨

Input text:  the sky is white. there is a shiny silver cave. there is a 40 foot tall shiny silver head -25 feet above the cave. The 50 foot tall 30 foot wide translucent white wall is 50 feet behind the cave and -10 feet above the ground. The wall is leaning 45 degrees towards the sky. the light is behind the wall.
Tags:  ##HD 
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Effects: Sharpen, Brightness, Sharpen, Brightness
zamchick  (2015) 
cool. melting in fear.
coyne  (2015) 
That's so cool!!
flip  (2015) 
igliashon  (2015) 
josephj  (2015) 
josephj  (2015) 
Everything's better with my face

But what about...this!
zamchick  (2015) 
josephj, you are a riot :-)
HungryAlpaca  (2016) 
tgwaggoner  (2017) 
I am impressed! Amazing what words can do.
Spiekrex  (2017) 
Someone named Cinnamon Duck copied you
Cinnamon Duck  (2017) 
I did not i used my own words
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