Soviet interior (mirror tunnel experiment)
Result: tunnel is 42 phase limited.

Input text: There is a silver wall. Another silver wall is 10 feet in front of wall. Table is 4 feet behind wall. Gold teapot is on the table. It is facing left. 4 feet tall television is 1.5 feet on the left of the table and 3 feet behind the table. Body of tv is wooden. Grille of tv is silver. Screen of tv is [lost]. 4 feet tall man is 4 feet in front of tv. He is facing backward. Cyan light is 1 feet in front of tv and 1.5 feet above ground. Big floor is on the wall. Huge brick brick wall is on the left of wall. It is facing left. Another huge brick brick wall is 20 feet on the right of brick wall. It is facing left. Ground is carpet. Ground is unreflective. Sky is black
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zamchick  (2015) 
very cool!
daniel  (2015) 
Tsk, trying to get the raytracer stuck in an infinite loop :)
dk  (2015) 

dk  (2015) 
reminds me of a scene from a long time ago...
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