Midnight Rendezvous

Input text: The clear moccasin sphere is 5 feet tall. The shiny white cat is 1.5 feet tall. It is 3.25 feet in the sphere. The sphere is 5 feet in front of the house. The deck of the house is clear. The chimney of the house is shiny. The cat faces the house. The sphere is 7 feet above the ground. The ground is shiny [water]. It is 10 feet high. The woman is 6 feet behind the sphere. She is 4 feet tall. She is -5 feet above the sphere. The snow light is 2 feet behind the woman. It is -1 foot above the woman. The camera light is black. The white light is 1 feet in front of the woman. It is -0.5 feet above the woman. The moccasin light is 0.5 foot in front of the cat. The orange light is right of the cat. It is -0.75 feet above the cat. The tangerine light is -0.5 feet below the cat. It is right of the cat.
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coyne  (2015) 
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