Pushing the Envelope

Input text: a tan shiny envelope is leaning 35 degrees to the northeast. a red shiny ant is -0.13 feet left of and -0.02 feet in front of the envelope. it is facing right. A small gold [texture] anteater is 0.4 feet behind and 0.08 feet to the left of the ant. it is facing southeast. the ground is texture. the ambient light is black. a orange light is .2 feet east of and above the anteater.
Tags:  ##HD  #pun 
Views: 1092
Effects: Sharpen, Contrast
coyne  (2016) 
wow this is great!!
boneybird  (2016) 
love it!
charlesphillips  (2016) 
that's great
rws  (2016) 
Very nice. The angles really add something.
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