Input text: A very big hamster is in front of Ukraine flag. The hamster is green. Big dodecahedron is 1 meter left of the hamster. It is blue. A pink policeman is 5 meters behind the hamster. A fire near the policeman is high. The ground is lava. The moonscape. The sky is dark. A giant purple cocktail glass is in front of the dodecahedron. There is an umbrella in the glass. A big "C++" is left of the fire. A small rainbow unicorn 0.5 meter right of the hamster faces right. A giant pink pyramid is 2 meters above ground. The green light is 1 meter above the unicorn. It is morning....
ruslan0399  (2016) 
There is not enough fascists who eat children in Ukraine:D
hant0508  (2016) 
Can you see a man in the background? And can you guess what he cooks on fire?)
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