Stupid Human Box
Ginger contemplated her life as she stared blankly at the screen. Her keepers would return soon and her tea had gone cold hours ago.

"Just like me" she thought. The cold tea felt like a symbol for her wasted potential.

Her mother had warned her to stay away from the stock-yard dogs, but she was young and in heat...

Before she knew it, Ginger had a whole litter and the heartbreak of being disqualified from the life her mother had planned for her, the life of a superstar, faded into the yelps of her pups.

After her keepers "found homes" for all of them, Ginger would spend most nights this way; staring into the idiot box while her tea grew cold.
CyanideBlue typed a picture: The dog is on the chair. The table is to the right of the chair. The lamp is on the table. The cup is to the left of the lamp. The huge wall is behind the chair. The coffee table is facing the chair. The coffee table is 4 feet in front of the chair. The yellow light behind the coffee table. The ground is wood. The huge wall is grey. The cabinet is to the left of the chair.The ottoman is in front of the couch. The television is on the coffee table.The couch is 3 feet to the right of the chair. The window is 1.5 feet behind the lamp. The hedge is 9 feet behind the lamp. The sky is light blue.
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Awesome interior!
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just great!!
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Thanks everybody :D
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Love the story CyanideBlue!
Hope to see more.
CyanideBlue  (2016) 
Attempting to post the next episode right now :)
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