Truth hurts
ChrisF typed a picture: It is sunset. The sun is raspberry rose. the ground is very tiny. The ground is [man]. The ground is shiny. There is a white table. There is a computer on the table. There is a black air hockey table next to the white table. the air hockey table is facing east. There is a blackjack table behind the air hockey table. There is a television several inches to the right of the white table. There is a translucent bike 2 feet behind the television. the bike is facing west. there is a red light inside the bike. There is a swimming pool 10 feet behind the white table. The swimming pool is -4 feet above the ground. There is a wall 250 feet behind the swimming pool. The wall is [screamingf]. the wall is 80 feet tall and 500 feet wide. there is a woman 1 foot in front of the white table. she is facing the computer. the woman is 2 feet tall. (This scene uses Getty Images )
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Mrbigmad  (2016) 
small woman or big appliances you be the judge
Mrbigmad  (2016) 
or read the words
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