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i think abot home and i think of all these textures and atmospheres and im not sure if they would rly be effable at all

Input text:  A [puck] billboard faces north. A first small house is 27 feet in front of the billboard. A second small house is 10 feet north of the first small house. The first small house is facing west. The second small house is facing west. A ticket booth is to the right of the billboard. A fast food restaurant is 13 feet to the right of the ticket booth. A huge sun symbol is 30 feet above the fast food restaurant. An extremely enormous pizza slice is 13 feet above the billboard. The pizza slice leaning 90 degrees to the right. The pizza slice is facing east. An extremely enormous tomato is 5 feet south of the pizza slice. 8 plants are behind the fast food restaurant. A huge velociraptor is 45 feet in front of the ticket booth. The huge velociraptor is facing east. A huge watermelon is in front of the velociraptor. An extremely enormous flame is 25 feet to the east of the sun symbol.
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Effects: Cracked paint, Normalize
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