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Shine bright like a diamond

Input text: 
The ground is shiny. It is afternoon. There is an enormous white light six feet above the ground. A shiny transparent man is on the ground. The man is white. The man is eight feet tall. There is a white light behind the man. There is a shiny white star 0.5 inch above the man. There is a magenta light behind the star. There is a magenta light above the man. There is an enormous diamond 3 inch in front of the star. It is 1 inch above the man. There is an astronaut next to the man. The astronaut is 1 feet tall. The astronaut is 8 feet above the ground.
#astronaut  #diamond  #spiritual  #aesthetic 
we-community  (2016) 
daniel  (2016) 
Shine on you crazy diamond.
Nanook  (2016) 
Like it
marrisa_ramirez mill  (2017) 
I'm uber obsessed with this image. Hope u don't mind if I use it as a cover photo and background on my phone
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