Input text: a purple wolf is -2.5 feet behind a purple bed. the purple wolf is leaning 70 degrees to the back. the purple wolf is 3 inches above the ground. a tan dingo is lying in the bed. the tan dog is facing right. a giant fox is to the left of the bed. the fox is facing the bed. the fox is red-orange. a small blue dog is in front of the tan dingo . the blue dog is facing the tan dingo . a desk is in front of and to the left of the bed. the desk is facing east . a computer is -4 inches to the right of the desk. the computer is facing east. the computer is 2.9 feet above the ground. the computer is -30 inches behind the desk. the computer's screen is [sunset]. the sky is gray.
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Pikachu  (2016) 
lol- that's a good idea.
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