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Here Are The Cleaning Supplies
You can start upstairs. Now git goin'

Input text: 
Three big bottles are on the table. The first chair is -0.5 feet left of the table. It faces the table. The second chair is -0.5 feet right of the table. It faces the table. The first chair is small. The second chair is small. The wall is 4 feet behind the table. The camera light is black. The wall is wood. The ground has the [pattern] texture. The texture is 5 feet tall. The sun's azimuth is 135 degrees. The painting is 3 feet above the ground. It is 0 feet in front of the wall. It is big. The wall is big. Death is left of the first chair. Death faces the man. The man is right of the second chair. The man faces death. The broom is behind the man. The mop is 2.3 feet left of the man. It is leaning -90 degrees to the back. it is 1.1 feet above the ground. it is facing the man. Death is 4 feet tall. The man is 4 feet tall. The sun is 50% lemon.
3D models:
Attributions: The Big Homie... by igliashon
igliashon  (2016) 
LMAO! Gr8 m8!
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