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The Rings of Saturn

Input text: 
saturn is striped. it has polka dot rings
coyne (legacy) 
hah..fooled me at first!!
rws (legacy) 
yes, that's a nice interpretation.*br**br*
Zamchick (legacy) 
This is the first time I've been compelled to look really closely at the descriptive text. It suggests a game of deception.
rws (legacy) 
I was surprised that "has" actually works. I didn't know that Bob had done anything with that.*br**br*By the way, it wasn't clear to me if anyone got the joke with the banana split one. Probably they did but I just wanted to make sure. It was a dumb enough joke that someone might have missed it.
rws (legacy) 
Oh also, Bob: how did you decide upon a size for Saturn :-)?
coyne (legacy) 
Yep, I noticed the "I scream (via Munch's Scream) vs Ice cream." I figured it was obvious because of the priming from the various other pictures using Munch's Scream before it.*br**br*All objects without real size are 2 feet in size. Since planets are so large, there's really no way to deal with them with realistic sizes, so they just get the default (2 feet) that's shared with things like spheres, cubes, etc.*br**br*
Zamchick (legacy) 
I think they should be millions of miles in Diameter. Why not think big ? :-)
rws (legacy) 
lisa (legacy) 
If you want to think big, think astronomical units. Think light-years. Think SKYE!
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