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the gold cone is next to the silver tube. tthe silver sphere is on top of the cone. the gold donut is on top of the tube. the gold pyramid is to the right of the tube. the large silver egg is on top of the pyramid. the ground is sandy. the sky is cyan. a bright light is 100 feet above the donut.
coyne (legacy) 
Cool! That's somehow unsettling.
rws (legacy) 
yes. i agree.
rws (legacy) 
By the way, the pyramid is not as shiny as I would expect (given that it is supposed to be gold)*br*
coyne (legacy) 
right..i should bump it up.
rws (legacy) 
More generally, it would be good to be able to say "matte" or something like that to tune the shininess down. *br*
coyne (legacy) 
yes, you should be to say "dull" "matte" "unreflective"*br**br*I can't vouch that it works and haven't really tried to calibrate it, but give it a try.
rws (legacy) 
Ah. I didn't know that. Thanks. I'll give that a shot next time.*br*
lisa (legacy) 
That doesn't abide to the law of gravity. Kill it!
rws (legacy) 
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