Return of the Wild Geese.

Input text: a river.a first goose is -30 feet behind the river.a second goose is 2 feet left of the first goose.the second goose is facing southwest.a third goose is 8 feet in front of the second goose.the third goose is facing right.the third goose is 2 inches in the ground.a fourth goose is 16 feet left of the second goose.the fourth goose is 2 feet behind the second goose.the fourth goose is facing southeast.a fifth goose is 6 feet right of the third goose.the fifth goose is facing northwest.the ground is grass.a 3 feet tall plant is 1 feet in front of the first goose.a tree is 20 feet behind the fourth goose.a lime light is above the tree.the sun is pink.a cyan light is above the plant.
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Effects: Brightness
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