Gone for a drink down the pub.

Input text: a table.a first plant is on the table.a second plant is 6 inches right of the first plant.a third plant is 7 inches left of the first plant.a bush is 3 feet behind the table.a second bush is 1 feet left of the table.a clematis is 2 feet behind the second bush.a watering can is in front of the table.a climbing rose is 2 feet behind the first bush.a african violet is left of the watering can.a cyclamen is 2 inches right of the watering can.the ground is grass.a 7 feet tall shed is 6 feet behind the table.a yellow light is above the shed.the sun is pink.a bird is left of the shed.
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Effects: Brightness
nheiges  (8/9/2019) 
The origin of the garden vignette - this is so nice!
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