Input text: The ground is clear. a 100 feet deep and 100 feet wide and 1 feet high shiny [wiese1] disk is 2 feet in the ground. a 20 feet tall dull dodo is -17 feet above the [wiese1] disk. it leans 70 degrees to the back. a 200 feet deep and 200 feet wide an 1 feet high [wiese2] disk is 30 feet above the [wiese1] disk. the camera light is black. it is morning. a dim misty rose light is 2 feet above and 2 feet right of the dodo. the sky is cornflower blue. the ambient light is cloud blue.
Tags:  ##HD  #TOTWSpring 
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Effects: Mottled, Contrast, Saturation
boneybird  (2016) 

susu  (2016) 
@boneybird yeah, well, reality... right in front of anyone's nose...
KAWE  (2016) 
the 68ths ? beautiful
Nanook  (2016) 
@susu I love your dodos
susu  (2016) 
thnx @nanook ... i really love this platform and i'm sorry for not having enough time... at least not as much as I would like to have to...
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