Excursion to the Island of the Fire Goddess
Everyone was invited.

Input text: huge campfire is on the gigantic wood statue. statue is on the grass. 7 people are left of the statue. 7 people are 10 feet right of the statue. 6 people are 3 feet right of the statue. 5 people are behind the statue. 10 people are 4 feet in front of the statue. 8 people are 20 feet in front of the statue. the big sailing ship is 280 feet left of and 150 feet behind the statue. it is facing the statue. it is dawn.
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Nanook  (2016) 
Flagship Cruise Lines feature landmark layover. All the passengers enjoyed a fire grilled luncheon at the base of the Fire Goddess before returning to the ship. Nice depiction. :-)
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