Rest Stop
The Wanderer surveyed the area. It wasn't much. It probably was never much. At least now it offered a place to hold up for the fast approaching night. It would be miles before he found anything else resembling civilization, and the night was no time to be on the road alone...

Input text: it is dusk. the ground is unreflective brown grass. a church. a road is to the right of the church. the road is 3000 feet long. the church is facing east. a gas station is 25 feet south of the church. a building is 14 feet east of the church. the building is facing west. a car is 4 feet to the northeast of the gas station. the car is facing southwest. the car is upside down. the car is 9 feet long. the car is leaning 12 degrees to the south. the car is 1.2 foot in the ground. a skeleton is -1 foot east of the gas station. the skeleton is 4 feet tall. the skeleton is leaning 90 degrees to the south. the skeleton is .5 feet in the ground. an unreflective man is 5 feet southeast of the gas station. the man is facing north. the man is 5 feet tall. a shotgun is -2 inches south of the man. the shotgun is 2.7 feet off the ground. the shotgun is facing west. the shotgun is leaning 35 degrees to the north.
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