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Computer says "No"...

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A huge thumbtack is in a tiny silver pie. The sky is [50]. The ground is clear. The pie is in a small clear sphere. 2 2 inch high white men are 2 inches to the right of the sphere. They are facing west. 8 red lights are 1 inch under the pie. 2 lights are under the thumbtack. 4 yellow lights are to the left of the sphere. A very tiny gold "42" is 0.5 inches below the thumbtack. A 1 foot long silver stick is to the right of the sphere. It is below the men. A violet light is 1 inch inside the sphere. 4 yellow lights are in front of the sphere.
1001 (Created on: IOS)
Nanook (2016) 
So futuristic and at the same time bewildering.
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