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thtrhs's a snaaaaake en my büt

Input text: 
Over a tiny transparent field sits a [solemn] Jay Leno. wistfully awaiting his inevitable descent into the obscurity. that obscurity awaits us all. A giant shoe 33 inches above the ground. it is leaning 44 degrees to the front. it is night. the moon is bright red. there is a bright turquoise light on the field. there is a violet light on the shoe. the ground is reflective. the sun is orange. there is a gigantic black snake in the field. there is an enormous silver rope in the snake. there is an enormous gold rope in the silver rope. there's a snake in my boot. there are 5 pink lights on the snake.
##HD  #holy 
Effects: Hue, Saturation, Invert, Solarize
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