mario k [a r t]
mario k[art] at the house
DEATH2003 typed a picture: a coin is 25 feet tall. the coin is -8 feet off the ground. the coin is [mario]. the coin is reflective. the ground is black. the sky is [space]. the banana is [mario]. the banana is reflective. the banana is 15 feet tall. the banana is 5 feet off the ground. the banana is 1 foot behind the coin. the banana is facing left. the black light is above the banana. the banana is blue. the [house] wall is -6 feet to the left of the banana. the [house] wall is 20 feet tall. the [house] wall is 30 feet wide. the [house] wall is facing the right. the [house] wall is reflective. the [house] wall is red. (This scene uses Getty Images )
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