Your Dad's Favorite ~ V A P O R W A V E ~ Hits, Vol. XVI

Input text: The [computer] cassette is 3 feet above the ground. It leans 90 degrees to the back. The ground has the [grod] texture. The texture is 5 feet tall. The orange light is behind the road. It is 150 feet above the road. The first gold light is 150 feet left of the orange light. The second gold light is 150 feet right of the orange light. The road is -3 feet above the cassette. The road is 2000 feet deep. The lawn of the road is magenta. The line of the road is white. The road of the road is dark magenta. The road is 15 feet wide. The road is 0.4 inches tall. It is noon. The camera light is black. The background is [mountains]. The small gray statue is 5 feet left of the road. It is 15 feet behind the cassette. It faces the cassette. The statue is unreflective. The tiny fire is 0.5 inches above the cassette. The bright daffodil yellow light is in front of the fire. It is 0.5 inch below the fire.
Tags:  ##getty  ##HD 
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Effects: Saturation
Attributions: Getty Images
josephj  (2016) 
I'm gonna name my kid either #vaporwave or #suicidewave. I'll be all like "Did you finish your homework, Hashtag Suicidewave? Be honest."
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