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"My God, would you look at me? I used to be fun. I had so much more hair. 30 years went by in a moment."

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A huge mad scientist. a gigantic [texture] wall is 14 feet south of the scientist. the ground is unreflective wood. a huge desk is 1 feet south of the scientist. a huge lamp is just east of the desk. a huge computer is on the desk. the computer is facing north. it is noon. a huge [house] portrait is 13.8 feet south of the scientist. the portrait is facing north. the picture is 16 feet off the ground. a flat man is -.1 inches north of the portrait. the man is facing north. the man is 8 feet tall. the man is 17 feet off the ground. a 16 foot tall gold square is .1 inch south of the portrait. the square is 16 feet wide. the square is 14.1 feet off the ground.
##HD #totwtime 
Contrast, Brightness, Contrast, Sharpen
Nanook (2016) 
Ain't it soo true. nice
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