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I Got A Man Crush
Can't make me admit it but......
Special thanks to "With All Due Respect" Bloomberg channel and Pain Killer band.

Input text: 
the trump is left of and 0.5 feet to the front of the putin. the putin is -4.5 feet above a horse. a 20 feet tall and 40 feet long [minaret] wall is 3 feet behind putin. the ground is grass. a 20 feet tall brick skyscraper is left of trump. the camera light is gray. it is noon. a orange light is 2 inches in front of and -3 inches above the trump.a flag is 0.2 feet to the front of and -17 feet above the skyscraper. a large group is -2.9 feet above and -0.83 feet to the right of and -0.3 feet behind trump. it leans 6 degrees to the right. the vase of the group is [flag]
Effects: Sharpen
Attributions (3D models): donald-trump head vladimir-putin head
Attributions: Getty Images
hedgehog1965  (2016) 
Honeymoon-bound for North Korea?
Nanook  (2016) 
Honeymoon Bliss
We're on our way....

boneybird  (2016) 
Caught in the Paparazzi's Glare

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