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King of the Golden Bowls
The King of the Golden Bowls was riding the sea waves with his trusted advisors, RedKiwi and Nicole Cage. Far did he go that day... Under the shiny rainbow of the leprechauns, who wanted back their gold.

Input text: 
The bowl is golden. The lion is beside the bowl. The ground is water. Another golden toilet bowl is to the left of the lion. There is a kiwi bird behind the lion 5 feet to the left. The kiwi bird is 3 feet in the air. The kiwi bird is red. There is a very miniature rainbow. The rainbow is 1.5 foot in the lion. There is Nicolas Cage behind the lion to the right.
#Beautiful  #Aesthetic  #GoldenBowlKing 
Attributions (3D models): nicolas-cage head
KAWE  (2016) 
a very nice firsty congrats
lespaulguy  (2016) 
the golden mean-y!
jarble  (2016) 

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