Cruz Control
thanks to @hedgehog1965 and @nanook for their predecessor scenes

Input text: A 30 feet wide head is 4 feet in the ground. . The tamarind tree is -20 foot behind the head. There are mountains in the background. The ground is [snow]. 3 cyan lights are 10 feet in the tree. Camera light is black. A light is 22 feet in the tree. A blue light is 20 feet right of the tree. The sun is black. A man is 25 feet south of the tree. He is 18 feet tall. He is on the ground. His head is 8 feet tall. A tan light is above and 2 feet in front of the man. 2 orange lights are 3 feet in front of the head and on the ground. a very enormous scissor is 1 feet in front of and 3 feet left of the man. it is 10 feet above the leans 34 degrees to the back. a extremely enormous orange hand is -3.5 feet behind and -4.3 feet left of the scissor. it is 2 feet above the ground. it leans 10 degrees to the right. 2 lavender lights are 2 inches in front of the hand. a navy light is 1 inch right of the hand. a rust light is 1 inch above the scissor.
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Attributions (3D models): head ted-cruz head
Attributions: When You Get... by Nanook
KAWE  (2016) 
really a running mate :-)
Nanook  (2016) 
They both need to be nipped in the bud. 😵😱
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