The Ole Swimming Hole
A good time was had by all.

Input text: a 250 feet wide lake. a large pine tree is -170 feet to the right of and -130 feet behind the lake. a 25 feet tall and 5 inches wide [hide] tube is -35 feet to the front of and -15 feet to the left of and -85 feet above the tree. it leans 53 degrees to the back.a 5 feet wide black donut is -18 feet above and -1.3 feet to the front of the tube. it leans 64 degrees to the back. 1st boy is 2 feet in front of and 1 feet above the donut. he leans 8 degrees to the back. the shirt of the 1st boy is tan. a giant boulder is -7 feet right of and -10 feet to the front of the tree. it faces left. it is -1.5 feet above the ground. 2nd large boy is 0.5 feet above and 1 feet in front of the boulder. he faces southwest.the shirt of the 2nd large boy is cream. a 17 feet tall girl is 3 feet left of and -2 feet to the back of the boulder. she is -9 feet above the lake. she faces southwest. the torso of the girl is [pattern]. a large oak tree is 60 feet right of the boulder and on the ground. a large sycamore tree is -1 feet in front of the oak tree. the ground is grass.
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watcher570  (2016) 
we had a village pond that still brings back memories.
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