And Jarble found the peeing dog experience electrifying! ;-) Thanks to @lespaulguy for the platform.
Nanook typed a picture: the man is 8 feet in the first christmas tree. he is -3 foot in front of the tree. the ground is shiny white. the 6 christmas trees are 7 feet in front of the first christmas tree. the large dog is -1.5 foot to the right and behind the man. it is facing back. it is leaning 20 degrees to the right. the boy is 15 feet in front of the man. he is facing back. the large yellow circle is -2 feet to the right of the man. 1st sun symbol is -27 inches in front of the 1st Christmas tree. 2nd red sun symbol is -1.7 feet above the man. 3rd copper sun symbol is -2.8 feet right of the man. a 6 feet tall lightning bolt is -1.5 feet above the 3rd sun symbol.
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lespaulguy  (2016) 
a shocking disregard for the professor :-)
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