Happy new year !

Input text: a 30 feet high wall.the wall is 60 feet long.a fireplace is in front of the wall.a first chair is -1 feet left of the fireplace.the chair is 8 inches in front of the fireplace.the first chair is facing southeast.a 1.5 feet tall flame is -24 inches above the fireplace.a boy is -36 inches above the first chair.the boy is facing southeast.a table is in front of the boy.the table is on the ground.the table is 1 feet right of the boy.a first glass is on the table.a second glass is 6 inches left of the first glass.a first bottle is 3 inches behind the second glass.a second chair is 1 feet right of the table.the second chair is facing southwest.a man is above the second chair.the man is facing southwest.the man is -22 inches above the second chair.a second bottle is 6 inches right of the first glass.a third glass is 8 inches in front of the second bottle.a painting is 1 feet above the fireplace.the ground is carpet.the wall is paper.a dog is 1 feet in front of the table.the dog is facing the man.a third bottle is in front of the second chair.a ball is right of the dog.it is night.a 60% red light is in front of the fireplace.a 30 % yellow light is 10 feet above the table.
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nheiges  (2016) 
That's my dog. :-) Looks like a nice party!
boneybird  (2016) 

your dog wants to go to the Ball.
Nanook  (2016) 
They look like they're having a relaxing new years eve. :-)
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