Amphibious Beach Vehicle

Input text: A large duck is -8 inches above the ground. A [flower] car is -3 feet above a huge beach ball. It is leaning 5 degrees to the back. The duck is 4 feet right of the ball. The ground is 50 feet wide water. The ball is -4 feet above the ground. A large duck is in front of and left of the duck. It is facing southeast. A ship is 50 feet behind and 150 feet left of the ball. Camera light is black. 2 dim yellow lights are in front of and -5 feet above and -2 feet left of the car. 3 dim lemon lights are in front of and -5 feet above and -1 foot right of the car. The sun is peach. A light is right of the car. A red light is left of the car.
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nheiges  (2017) 
can i book it for my next vacation? it's a great idea, and a beautiful scene, especially the lighting!
Nanook  (2017) 
I abosultely love the water, and the scene is priceless :-)
lespaulguy  (2017) 
Great scene!
KAWE  (2017) 
A very practical invention, Volkswagen will be pleased
hedgehog1965  (2017) 
Thanks all - sorry it's not for hire though, it's already been reserved by a Mr J. Bond :-)
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