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Just In Time

Input text: 
an hourglass. the frame of the hourglass is clear. the body of the hourglass is clear. the sky is [blue]. a 2 inch tall man is -.85 foot above the hourglass. a light is .1 feet in front of the man. the ground is silver. the ambient light is silver. a 1 inch tall claw hammer is -0.52 inch above and -0.9 inch to the left of the man. it faces back. it leans 60 degrees to the right. a orange light is 0.2 inches above the hammer. the head of the hammer is silver. 1st 1.5 inch tall [metal] lightning bolt is 0.1 inch left of and 0.33 inches in front of and -2.8 inches above the man. it is upside down. it leans 30 degrees to the right. a 0.8 inch tall and 0.4 inch wide and 0.4 inch long beige wave is -1.8 inch above and 0.09 inch in front of and -0.6 inch left of the lightning bolt. it leans back. it faces left. 2nd 2 inch tall gold lightning bolt is -0.4 inches above the 1st lightning bolt. it is upside down. a 0.2 inch tall flat rust sun symbol is -0.07 inches above and -0.8 inches left of the 2nd lightning bolt.
Effects: Sharpen, Sharpen
Attributions: Getty Images, No Escape... by nheiges
nheiges  (2017) 
I didn't see this yesterday - thanks for the reply and for saving the professor from his plight!
Nanook  (2017) 
haha I think for some reason he got flattened so I'm not so sure he was saved :-0
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