Input text: There is an enormous glass wall. 6 feet in front of the glass wall are two astronauts. The astronauts are [texture]. On the right of the astronauts is a big board. The board is 3 feet above the ground. the board leans 90 degrees to the front. The board is white. in front of the board is a big black ring.The ring is 3 feet above the ground. The ring is 2 feet tall. The astronauts face the glass wall. Behind the glass wall is a first enormous octopus. Next to the first octopus is a second enormous octopus. 2 feet on the left of the second octopus is an enormous black ring. The ring is 10 feet tall.The ring is 10 feet above the ground. The ring is next to the glass wall. The ground is black and shiny. The sky is blue.the wall is 1 feet in the ground.the two astronauts are on the ground.
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Attributions: Arrival (Best... by gollum777
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